Wen Su


Speaks: English, Mandarin


2017年毕业于加州大学圣塔芭芭拉大学分校经济系。于2018年来到加拿大后,怀抱着对地产的热爱,我选择了建筑制图的专业进行进修,并与2020年优秀毕业。2021年,我顺利成为了一名地产经纪并加入了Joseph Liang的团队。


我有非常广泛的爱好,例如滑雪,旅游,钓鱼,种花,德州扑克等等。另外,我也是Richmond Lavenderland,大温最大薰衣草园的总负责人。以上种种,都让我认识了不同的朋友们,以及结识了广泛的人脉,使我在地产行业里能更容易帮助客户买卖房产。

I graduated in University of California—Santa Barbara, Economics Major in 2017 and later settled in Canada with my family in 2018. Base on my passion to Real Estate, I enrolled Residential and Commercial Drafting program and successfully graduated in 2020. Finally in 2021, I became a Realtor and started my glory career in Joseph Liang Team.

Grew up in a business family, I deeply understands, Sincere and Honesty are the foundations that ones can stand in the field. Believing in that, I always 100% consider my clients interest. I love helping people. When I helped buyer bought their loved house or seller sold in high price, I always enjoy their true happiness. And this is the reason why I devote myself in Real Estate.

I have so many hobbies, such as Snowboarding, Travel, Fishing, Planting, Poker and etc. Also, I am the Manager of Richmond Lavenderland, the biggest lavender field in Greater Vancouver. Making friends from hobbies and expanding contacts from my own business, I get so many advantages in Real Estate, and helps my clients purchasing or selling much easier.